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Across Australia there are thousands of farmers who need our help. As Australian's have done in the past with floods in Queensland, fires in Victoria and South Australia, we have supported those less well off than ourselves.

Farmers across the country need our help to keep their cattle alive after the cessation of live cattle exports, no wet season and fires.

Australian farmers are the backbone of our country. For hundreds of years they've fed us all. Now they need our support to keep their cattle alive and the food in our stomachs. Australia if you can help by donating we'll see that they receive the fodder they need and the support to get them through this tough time.

Rural Aid CrowdRaisers

CrowdRaisers Amount Raised
Funds for our Farmers $1,395
Hollard Helping Farmers $2,324
#SaveOurFarmers Campaign $0

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P.O. Box 1342

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.