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SADS Australia

SADS General Appeal


SADS Australia seeks funds to help reduce sudden cardiac death in the young, through a number of activities, including: Awareness, education, assessments, support and research.


To set a bench mark for all, young unexplained sudden deaths, to be investigated promptly.

  1. Liaise and support the family.
  2. The heart to be examined by a cardiac pathologist.
  3. Genetic testing (if necessary) to be carried out on extended family.
  4. Reliable database
  5. Screening center's to be set up in Clinic's, providing free ECG,S and cardiac echo's.
  6. Mobile screening unit.
  7. Mass public awareness, through, radio, word and mouth, press, leaflets and media sources.


Stage one:

  1. Setting up a website.
  2. Links to:
  3. A helpline and forum for bereaved families.
  4. Memorial page.
  5. Database and collation.
  6. Donation link

Stage two

  • Fund raising
  • Marketing
  • Raising awareness
  • Extended family support
  • Support network
  • Workshops/retreats
  • Experienced counseling team
  • Education
  • Research

Stage three:

  • Detection and screening
  • Mobile screening units/screening centers
  • To educate EDs and GP's
  • Awareness days in schools and work places
  • Extensive media coverage
  • Form a specialist medical team
  • Educate and update the medical professional with the latest research
  • Release new information via publication
  • Produce information on " The warning signs".

Our future vision will be to fast track Coronary/Pathology services and have a dedicated Cardiac screening team. In conclusion we would use CRY, as our bench mark to excellence.

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