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Samuel Thorne Fund


Without significant advances in spinal cord injury research, Samuel will not conceivably be able to enjoy his pre-injury pursuits: (age champion) swimmer, rugby league, basketball and tennis player, musician/cellist and general keen outdoor-ist.

Despite confinement to a power wheelchair and reliance on a ventilator to breathe with direct abdominal feeding and constant manual removal (suctioning) of oral and tracheal secretions, Samuel's unaffected mind, intellect and acute sense of humour remain as his keys to a more independent and rewarding lifestyle. (Samuel will require the rest-of-life presence of two ventilator and tracheostomy trained carers with him 24/7).


Your donations to this not-for-profit, public fund will provide the financial relief required for Samuel to continue to be able to access the technologies and equipment he needs to contribute positively to society as is the right of all citizens.

The non-exhaustive list of requirements (or for their ongoing planned replacement in Samuel's lifetime and without inclusion of limited possible subsidies) includes:

  • $1000 / month for house modifications (outlaid immediately but recouped over ten years);
  • $500 / month for replacement of (wheelchair-modifiable) motor vehicle (over ten years);
  • $400 / month for the assistive cough machine - diaphragm and intercostal muscle systems' paralysis prevents Samuel from being able to independently clear chest secretions by coughing (over two years);
  • $250 / month to fund the next wheel chair accessible vehicle's modifications (over ten years);
  • $225 / month for power wheelchair upgrade  (over ten years);
  • $200 / month for Environmental Control Unit establishment and ongoing modification for Samuel to have control over doors/windows/TV/air con/lights etc. (over four years);
  • $150  / month for a tilt-up table to prevent skeletal decalcification through load-bearing therapy (over five years);
  • $140 / month for a modified shower chair (over four years);
  • $450 / month for adaptive leisure equipment: quality-of-life initiatives such as drones, remote controlled electric train sets, tandem reclining (sporting) wheelchair (over five years)

All non-therapeutic items which require Samuel's control inputs must be adapted to allow these inputs via his eyes or through the movement he has with only his right foot.


The benefits to Samuel from your support include:

  • Assurance of the basic right-to-life and therapeutic equipment to maintain his physiological state as effectively as possible;
  • Adaptive technologies will promote his sense of independence and capacity to contribute to society as a whole especially as he progresses from boyhood, through adolescence to manhood;
  • Ensuring maximised, quality access to formal and informal education opportunities;
  • Ensuring access to hobbies and leisure activities as much as possible despite the disability;
  • Maximising the capacity to capitalize on his retained high intelligence for not only his benefit but for that of the wider community.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.