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Save The Kimberley

Save the Kimberley Appeal

Save The Kimberley is an independent awareness organisation founded to fight inappropriate industrial development in the Kimberley. Eight years on, we are central to a campaign that has become one of the biggest environmental campaigns in Australian history. The central focus of our campaign for the past few years had been fighting Premier Colin Barnett's proposed gas hub at James Price Point, but our broader work is to protect all of the Kimberley from indiscriminate damaging development.

Save The Kimberley does not oppose responsible development. But there is a better future for our national icon, the Kimberley, than short sighted heavy polluting industries.

Your donation will help us to continue our work in awareness raising, meeting with government and industry, supporting legal actions, researching and conducting community events and rallies. Our on-the-ground presence and national and international networks are crucial for the future of the globally significant Kimberley.

So please, donate whatever amount you can afford and ask 5 friends to do the same. Spreading the word is as important as your individual gifts and awareness. (Please note: the minimum online donation thru GiveNow is $10, but you can use the "donate by mail" option at the bottom of this page to post us an amount less than that.)

A protected Kimberley will be more valuable in the future than an industrialised Kimberley sold off to multinational companies for short term gain. The damage done by toxic land, sea and air pollutants, repetitive and extensive seabed dredging, loss of traditional culture and the social problems such developments typically bring with them cannot be reversed. The time to take action is NOW. We invite you to help save the Kimberley.

How will the funds be used?

Save The Kimberley is 100% volunteers - passionate, influential, experienced people with a variety of skills and backgrounds who give their time, money and skills for only one reward - the hope of protecting the natural and cultural heritage of the Kimberley for all of us.

You can be confident that every cent will go to achieving our goals. We do not pay staff and we run a tight ship; we get maximum value from every cent you donate.

Key areas of expenditure

  • Raising awareness through community music/art/protest events, information stalls and the media. We work in the Kimberley, Western Australia, interstate and overseas.
  • Helping Indigenous Traditional custodians to engage with politicians, big companies, and wider communities to protect their country and culture,
  • Engaging politicians and business via direct meetings,
  • Producing educational materials such as books, educational brochures, and documentary films,
  • Supporting legal challenges and scientific research,
  • Providing crucial on the ground and in depth knowledge to support other like minded groups.
  • As such, our expenses include travel, publishing and printing costs, postage, website expenditures, and office expenses.

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PO Box 1225

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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