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Literacy Classes for Afghanistan's Women

SAWA Australia (SA) - Support Association For The Women of Afghanistan Other Causes...

SAWA Australia (SA) - Support Association For The Women of Afghanistan has listed 3 other causes:

In Australia it's easy to take our access to good education for granted. For most women in Afghanistan even basic education is often nothing more than a dream. Most are illiterate with no access to education. Thirty years of war have also left over 50,000 war widows with no skills or work experience, leaving them unable to find work and gain an income.

Donations raised by our appeal will support a Vocational Training Centre in Kabul established by SAWA-Australia in 2008. It offers free adult literacy classes, including English, computers and handicraft training. The Centre is operated by the Organization for Promoting Afghan Women's Capabilities (OPAWC), a secular grass-roots organization of Afghan women. Since its inception it has educated over 1200 women and aims at teaching 150 women to read and write every year.

The women attending the Centre are among the poorest of Afghanistan and cannot afford to pay for an education. The Centre therefore offers all classes free of charge, which requires continuous financial support to pay teachers and class material. It has been able to operate thanks to the generosity of Australians. Please assist us to keep the Centre operational.

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