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Kailash Humla Childrens Home - Australia

School for Humla


Our objective is to provide support to our sister organisation 'Kailash Humla Children Home' in Humla, NW Nepal. We aim to improve the educational outcomes of the children of Humla.

Our urgent need is to complete a Kitchen building, Currently the cooking is done outside of the hostel on an open fire. This is not ideal for the childrens health.


Currently we educate and house 52 under privileged children at a Hostel, in Humla. The children are provided with all food, lodgings and a Tibetan/Nepali education.

Due to Humla's remoteness, development has not been implemented. The region is lacking in every aspect, education, medical facilities, electricity, and drinking water and so on. This is even in comparison to other areas of Nepal.


  • $7.50 provides lunch for 1 child for 1 month
  • $20 provides the caretakers wage for 1 week, the caretaker lives with the children; he is responsible for housekeeping and maintaining children's health and hygiene.
  • $43 provides the English teachers wage for 1 week
  • $48 provides the Tibetan teachers wage for 1 week
  • $52 rents the house and living space for 15 children, 1 caretaker, 1 cook and 1 supervisor
  • $255 covers the complete expenses of the children's home for 1 week, This Includes Tibetan, English and Nepali teachers, Caretaker, Cook, Lunch and the Rental of the house and living space.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.