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The Seatrees Foundation


We need your help

The Seatrees Foundation seeks your support in conserving vital coastal habitat in South Western Victoria. 

We invite you to share our vision in forever protecting Seatrees Wildlife Reserve - to conserve habitat, enable its wildlife to flourish, to educate and inspire.

Seatrees is home to over 120 species of birds and populations of mammals and other creatures. It supports an interconnected matrix of animals, fungi, tiny insects and plants, all depending on each other for survival.  Seatrees’s coastal vegetation adjoins a rich intertidal, marine environment that is home to myriad sea birds and ocean mammals.  As custodians of the land we monitor species at risk such as the Hooded Plover, and consider ourselves environmental coast guards for animals needing support.

We are deeply committed to the contribution that private landholders, no matter how small, can make to biodiversity conservation and the protection of species. As animals’ home ranges extend beyond property boundaries, protection on both private and public land, particularly when neighbours, can make all the difference to species survival and habitat retention.

About Seatrees

Seatrees is a sanctuary to be forever protected and enhanced.  It has vegetation communities of state significance and populations of endangered and threatened species. We strive to conserve the fabric and flows of the many ecosystem types existing in the Reserve. Our accredited wildlife shelter rescues and rehabilitates orphaned and injured wildlife. We produce education guides and maintain walking trails to maximise visitor experience and understanding.

Your donation will contribute to:

  • food and housing for rehabilitated, injured and orphaned wildlife
  • extensive planting of koala specific trees
  • purchase of infra-red, night vision cameras for feral animal surveillance & wildlife monitoring post release
  • installation of  interpretive signage
  • research and publishing of environmental, educational material
  • creation of additional wetlands for water and migratory birds
  • construction of bird and wildlife viewing hides
  • installation of automated wildlife water holders
  • weed & non indigenous plant eradication

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.