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Shaping Outcomes

Support Children with Disabilites


Shaping Outcomes is an Early Childhood Intervention Service for Children with Developmental Delays and Disabilities, we support families and communities from Coolangatta through to Grafton.  Helping families build capacity and supports for our children ensuring that they live their best life.

Your donations will go towards bridging the gap for children with "mild"disability and their families between the NDIS and the community based supports they are being directed to access. Based on National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) figures on Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) participant volumes, nearly 1/2 of children with a mild disability won’t qualify for NDIS funding due to their disability classification, placing a new-found demand on community services. Many of these services don’t have the capacity or expertise needed to support this highly vulnerable group of children.

The use of the word “MILD” suggests a disability that would have a minimal impact on the child, their carers and community, however these children may have complex emotional and behavioural problems including; aggression, regular tantrums, severe stubbornness, signs of anxiety and depression, hurting themselves on purpose, sleeping problems, being very physical, loud or disruptive.

Approx 7% (1,438) of children in the Tweed alone have a disability (ABS 2012).  The troubling fact is that during 2019-2020 over 470 children with a mild disability in the Tweed community will not be eligible for any funded supports under the NDIS.  Numbers forecast in October 2017 based on NDIS participant volumes, by NDIS and collated by Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA) NSW/ACT.  Placing our community services at an increased risk of being unable to meet the growing demand for support.

Based in community settings, our project will build and develop community capacity to help support these children moving forward whilst providing immediate and critical early intervention services to these children. 


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