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SharingStories Foundation


By engaging with the  SharingStories Foundation programs you are helping maintain and strengthen Australia's rich Indigenous culture and heritage. 

Rapid loss of culture and language is of deep concern to Indigenous communities and community leaders. 

For the past seven years, SharingStories Storytelling Programs have developed and implemented innovative ways through which to support and inspire Elders and Indigenous young people in the creation of their own digital stories and important community based cultural archives. A key part of our work involves increasing the digital capabilities in communities to enable Indigenous people to continue to tell their own stories. Our programs transfer the technological skills that support capacity building and cultural participation. 

Our programs also support the education and engagement of the wider community through the development of Digital Books, Animations, Teacher Resources and through Exhibitions and Installations.

What will my donation deliver to Indigenous communities?

Your donation will allow us to expand our  programs.

Your donation will:

  • Enable the development of our Digital Storytelling on Country where digital publications and films telling rich and vibrant cultural stories are created and subsequently shared       
  • Power the development of Language Apps to support the creation and maintenance of language dictionaries in Indigenous communities                     
  • Create Exhibitions and Installations sharing rich stories with audiences around Australia
  • Support development of Teacher Resources so all children can learn about Indigenous culture and perspectives from Indigenous communities.

 How can I learn more?

Find out more at 

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.