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By engaging with the  SharingStories Foundation programs you are helping maintain and strengthen Australia's rich Indigenous culture and heritage. 

Rapid loss of culture and language is of deep concern to Indigenous communities and community leaders. SharingStories Indigenous Advisory council believe enhancing digital media skills and developing digital tools to support cultural and linguistic maintenance, makes a significant contribution to building community capacity to hold, transmit and share culture, language and stories. 

For the past seven years SharingStories Digital Storytelling programs have developed and implemented innovative ways to support and inspire Indigenous young people in the creation of their own digital stories and important community based cultural archives. At the same time the program transfers technological skills that support capacity building and cultural participation. A key part of our work involves growing within communities, the technological skills needed to tell their own stories.

In 2013 SharingStories Digital Storytelling participants at Kalkarindji were winners of the same award with media they created during this years program and participants from Amanbidji were Winners of the Best Sound Recording and Best Sound Editing Award.

Our Digital storytelling workshops increase student engagement and attendance, build confidence and self esteem, develop community capacity, enhance digital literacy acquisition, support cultural maintenance and ensure the stories and voices of Indigenous young people are heard. The SharingStories Learning Platform, built and implemented this year in collaboration with Education Services Australia, ensures that selected stories reach all Australian students and that the stories and voices of Indigenous media makers are heard, acknowledged and serve to educate the broader community.

Our work in the development of innovative digital online Language Tools and open source software to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island language maintenance continues in partnership with Save the Children Australia, the Paakantji Language Circle and the Network for Linguistic Diversity. The Paakantji language, like many in Australia, is listed on the UNESCO Critically Endangered list, less than five speakers alive. Language attrition is occurring at an alarming rate, a language is lost on the planet every two weeks and with it libraries of precious knowledge and cultural heritage. We need to act now in supporting those who hold vulnerable languages and supporting the Language Tool project will assist us with that work.  

The Cultural Mapping/Songlines Project continues in partnership with the Yolngu community in Arnhem Land and the Adnyamathanha community in South Australia. Your donation can help us to not only ensure the recording and documentation of important Song Cycles and Ancestral Dreaming tracks with cultural custodians but to develop an online environment to house this knowledge such that it is held for the future of all Australians and appropriate, unrestricted knowledge can be shared. 

What will my donation deliver to Indigenous communities?

Your donation to the SharingStories Foundation will allow expansion and development of the following programs:

  • DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOPS for Indigenous youth across Australia 2014.
  • Development of the DIGITAL LANGUAGE TOOL as free open source software, implemented as    part of our workshops and handed over for community control and population. 
  • Ongoing recording and documentation of precious and vulnerable SONG CYCLES and cultural knowledge and the development of an online environment in which unrestricted aspects of this knowledge can be shared and interacted with by the broader community. This CULTURAL MAPPING environment and recording project is as an important repository for Australian cultural heritage in the face of the ongoing and alarming rate of cultural attrition. 
  • Production of interactive, culturally layered SHARING OUR STORIES IBOOKS, modelled on the award winning fourteen part book series. 

 Typically, the donation amounts listed deliver the following benefits from SharingStories to communities:

  •  $25 delivers rechargeable batteries for on-going use of cameras left in community as part of  Digital Storytelling Programs.
  •  $50 delivers one SLR Fujifilm camera for the digital media kit (subsidised by Fuji)
  •  $150 delivers one Tascam recording device for the digital media kit
  •  $500 offers one student the opportunity to participate in a one week SharingStories Digital Workshop
  •  $1000 delivers a complete Digital media kit for a school to continue creating media following the digital media workshop.
  • $5000 - $100,000. Your substantial ($5,000 - $100,000) donation to SharingStories Foundation will enable accelerated development of one of the major programs that are being progressed currently. Please contact Brynnie Goodwill (0404 896 306; about our major program funding. We would like to discuss how you might help in growing one of the following programs:
Language Lightbox
Cultural Mapping Platform and content
Digital Storytelling workshops
Publication of Sharing Our Stories Ibooks.


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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

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