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Established in 1970 as the Family Planning Association of South Australia, SHINE SA has expanded beyond traditional family planning services.

Today SHINE SA is a leading not-for-profit provider of primary care services and education for sexual and relationship wellbeing.

SHINE SA’s service and education delivery model works to provide sexual health education, early intervention, health promotion, clinical services and therapeutic counselling.

SHINE SA provides nurse-led and medical clinical assessment, treatment and counselling services across nine clinical sites.

Drop-in clinics provide free responsive access to young people under the age of 25.
SHINE SA conducts workforce development education for doctors, nurses/midwives, community workers and teachers, and strives to enhance these services through optimising technology.

SHINE SA staff travel throughout South Australia to promote sexual and reproductive health.

The Focus Schools Program, building on SHINE SA’s strong partnership with the Department for Education and Child Development, operates across 93% of South Australian secondary schools and an increasing number of primary schools supporting teachers to deliver a relationships and sexual health education curriculum.

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