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SkyJuice Sustainble Safe Water Systems

Let's start with some startling facts:

Every 20 seconds a child dies from water related illness

3.575 million people die every year from water related diseases attributable to lack of access to safe drinking water and 90% of these are children under 5, mostly in developing countries

1.1billion people have no access to any type of improved drinking source of water

Worldwide, women spend 200 million hours per day collecting water

Why SkyJuice?

The SkyJuice™ Foundation is a not for profit organisation incorporated in Australia in 2005. The Foundation's charter is to provide low cost, sustainable water treatment solutions for humanitarian projects and for emergency and disaster relief efforts. SkyJuice™ Foundation uses worlds' best low pressure membrane technology to produce safe, sustainable drinking water supplies that are affordable using technology that is appropriate for communities in rural and urban areas in developing countries.

How will the funds be used?

All donations will be used to provide SkyJuice safe water systems for humanitarian projects in the developing world. Depending upon capacity required, the funds will provide either a SkyBox water treatment system (at the multi household/family level) or a SkyHydrant water filtration system (village or school level).

How can I learn more?

The SkyJuice Foundation has supplied more than 1200 safe water systems in 50 countries since 2005. To find out more about these projects, visit us on our website: or Facebook

Access to safe to safe drinking water is a right not a privilege. Donate today and make a difference.

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