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Smart Employment Solutions Limited

Unemployment and Disability

Smart Employment Solutions has been operating for over thirty years, creating, employing and graduating over 20,000 apprentices and trainees. Our mission is to relieve destitution via training and jobs for people with a disability and youths.

Over four million Australians with disabilities face adversity as part of their everyday life. The ABS states Australia has a 47% disability unemployment rate and many that are working do not work full-time.

Smart Employment Solutions ensures our apprentices have the qualification, ability and self worth to lead independent lives.

Help create real opportunities for Australian's with a disability and youths to become self reliant, qualified and job ready.

What can you do to help us?

Here's how your gift will help.

$90 - pays for boots and a hard hat

$150 - pays for personal protection equipment

$900 - pays for 1 week of Technical Education for 1 apprentice

$80,000 - pays for a dedicated field and care officer to provide support for Australian's with a disability and youths.

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27/28 Burnside Road


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