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School Chaplaincy Services


SMG is South Australia's largest School Chaplaincy Service Provider supporting more than 340 DECD school communities through its programs and services.

Our Vision

Young people and school communities discovering purpose, value and hope.

Kab, Blackwood High School student, shares how a Chaplaincy Service has impacted him:

"Sam is definately a good person to talk to if you are having a hard time or if you just need help.  Sam is ready to help, he knows what to do and what to say.  I think it is important for the school to have a Chaplaincy Service.  Sam has helped a lot of people, including me.  He helps us find our own place in the world, gives us a home, and a family, a sort of community that we can be ourselves in."

Kim Mangelsdorf shares how the School Chaplaincy Service helped her children and family during a time of grief and loss:

"My husband and I received a phone call informing us that my Father in law had been killed in a car accident, and my Mother in law had been airlifted to hospital. We didn't know what to tell our kids, so we made the decision to send them to school. We received a phone call from Julie saying that our daughter was upset. I explained to Julie what had occurred overnight and that I didn't know what to do. She was amazing and offered to help my husband and I tell the kids that their Grandpa had passed away. The ongoing support was amazing from phone calls, the offer of meals, and keeping an eye on the kids at school. I am eternally grateful for Julie's support, guidance and knowledge through that time."


SMG needs your help to provide this vital service to children and families across metropolitan, regional and remote areas of South Australia.  Thank you for your support and gift that will make a positive impact.

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