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South Metropolitan Personnel Inc

Respite holidays for adults with disabilities

For 16 years SMP lifeskills2work have been assisting adults living with one or sometimes multiple disabilities.  Some may have a mental health issue, intellectual disability, acquired brain injury or physical disability. We help these people find employment, develop life skills, socialise and participate in the local community.

We need your help!

Have you ever wanted to simply take a holiday, fly in an aeroplane, visit a theme park ?

Organising a holiday, preparing to leave and arranging your itinerary can be hard work!!  Imagine if you wanted the freedom and memories of a trip of a lifetime BUT also needed a full time carer, assistance in the administration of medication, help budgeting monies, had issues with access and transportation and needed help with your personal care.

Imagine reaching the age of 45 and never having had a holiday.

Imagine being a carer / parent and never having had a holiday the entire time you have been a carer -for some that is 45 years!

Imagine that YOU could help someone have the greatest time of their lives.

Imagine  that YOU are helping carers have the well deserved respite from the ones they care for!

Why we are raising funds!

Each year we wish to subsidise 2 different types of holiday for adults living with disabilities.
  • 4 day Recreational Fun Camp (local destination).
  • Interstate "Great Escape" Adventure Holiday
Fundraising for airfares, accommodation, food, transport and entry fees may be the only chance that our clients will have to go on a holiday - a vacation is something that you and I probably do on a yearly basis.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.