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Become a Snuff Lover to support the heART of Snuff Puppets!
“Snuff Lovers is a new opportunity for our legacy to be recognised, celebrated, and built upon as we strive to push through these hostile times.“ – Artistic Director, Andy Freer

Snuff Lovers has raised over $34,000 since its launch in August 2020! 

Your donation helps maintain hundreds of giant puppets, the creation of new shows and viral videos for everybody to enjoy.

Snuff Lovers has three tiers;  

Snuff Buffs $5+
Become a Snuff Buff by donating $5+ and enjoy early access to videos & news on the Snuff Lovers email list.

Snuff Nuts $100+
Donate $100+ to become a Snuff Nut, your donation will help us adapt thru the pandemic & start work towards becoming carbon neutral. And you'll get your name painted inside the giant 'Snuff Lovers heART' forever!

Snuff Gods $1,000
Adopt a puppet from our 30-year history & become a Snuff God. NOTE: To adopt, please visit 


All Snuff Buffs, Nuts & Gods can join the Snuff Lovers E-mail List with early access to videos, show invites & news. A Thank You will be published on our website, annual report & social media. Email if you would like your donation to remain anonymous.

❤ Your donation is greatly appreciated!

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.