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Join Snuff Puppets inaugural fundraising campaign - Snuff Lovers - your donation will help our artists continue bringing acts of radical optimism to the world.

If Snuff Lovers can raise $15,000 in 2020, each dollar will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia, giving us a total of $30,000.

Donations go towards the creation of giant puppets, new shows, and viral virus videos.

Snuff Lovers can choose from three tiers; Snuff Buffs, Snuff Nuts, and Snuff Gods.

Snuff Buffs $5+
Become a Snuff Buff by donating over $5 and help unlock new Snuff videos for the world to see. New videos will be released when the fundraising goals of $5k, $10k and $15k are reached.

Snuff Nuts $100+
Donate over $100 to become a Snuff Nut and help create an 8-meter tall blood-pumping Heart. The giant Heart will be performed on the streets of Melbourne, in a blood-spurting celebratory spectacle in late 2020. Nuts will be invited to send in a personal heartfelt message to be inscribed on the Snuff Lovers heART for the world to see.

Snuff Gods $1,000
Become a Snuff God and adopt a puppet from our 30-year history, view the Gods Catalogue. To adopt, please visit our online shop at 


All Snuff Buffs, Nuts and Gods join the Snuff Lovers email list and get a thank you on Snuff Puppets website and social media. 

❤ Your donation is greatly appreciated.

 Snuff Lovers is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1.


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.