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We are a not-for-profit that provides nutritious food and creative educational activities for underprivileged children in Monte Chingolo. Argentina. The four pillars of our program are: 1. Health & Nutrition. 2. Education, using the arts as a medium. 3. Social Inclusion. 4. Ecology and the Environment.

We are in our third year of working within the community, Monte Chingolo. We will be here long term, and see the best opportunity in making a sustainable difference is feeding and engaging the youngest and most vulnerable members of this community. 

This is a region that gets little attention from our part of the world but has experienced extreme devastation driven by powers that have been placed in the wrong hands. It's economy, whose facts and figures tell a story of a nation going from strength to strength but disguises the true inequity of income and wealth as a result of corruption and economic pillaging. 

To assist us in making sustainable social change in South America please feel free to donate. 

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