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Sonshine Sanctuary Association

Sonshine Sanctuary


Help Women and Children in South East Queensland Stay Safe.

Sonshine Sanctuary Association is a not for profit community & faith-based Crisis Accommodation service, with a mission of supporting women and children made homeless by domestic and family violence. We do this by offering accommodation and a range of programs to enable them to rebuild their lives.

Sonshine Sanctuary does not receive any cash from Government funds. In this way, we can provide a service to women & children who otherwise might fall through the cracks of the funded services. We have been a recognised part of the Queensland Government response to domestic violence since 1993.

Sonshine Sanctuary identifies that domestic violence is unacceptable and that all women & children should be able to live safely.

Your donation can help Queensland women & children to stay safe
in the following ways.

  • $30 will provide phone credit so a woman has safe technology.
  • $50 will provide transport to attend Medical & Legal appointments.
  • $100 will provide a food voucher for Woolies or Coles providing food for a family.
  • $500 will provide Counselling, Group Work & Boundaries Courses.
  • $1000 will provide accommodation at Sonshine Sanctuary for a family for 1 month. 

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.