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Dance for Autism Awareness

Soundkraft Records in support of Little Learners Autism Program present: Dance for Autism Awareness - Part 2.  After raising $1038.80 through Part - 1, we are hopeful that we can dig deeper and help the families of these amazing kids with autism.

 A lot of kids with autism don't have the privilege to get professional intervention and end up with multiple problems during their life. Some of them also get bullied by their peers who lack awareness about autism being a disorder, not a plague. All these kids need is love, support, patience and a professional intervention program to help them progress into a normal state of learning and development. Their sensitivity towards the environment they are exposed to makes them different and unique, not outcast. The Little Learners Autism Program is by far one of the most comprehensive intervention programs we have witnessed, providing 20 hours of professional intervention and several additional hours to supplement the same, every week. From being incapable of talking, these kids are now running up to visitors to say "Hi!".

 This link has been set up for our friends who are overseas, interstate, or ones that could not attend the events in person. We would be delighted to have your contribution towards Autism Awareness, and forever be indebted for your invaluable donations. All your donations are forwarded in full, and the funds raised will be distributed evenly to each family within the Little Learners Autism Program, so your support will provide the families much appreciated financial reprieve.

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Little Learners Autism Program :

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Featuring a repertoire of artists, musicians, performers, Djs, producers, and singers, in hope to express our love for little learners, we aim to give something back to the families of our little friends with autism.

Event details :

Date: Saturday, 27th October 2012
Time : 9 PM - 3 AM
Venue : The Order of Melbourne (CBD)
Entry : Free
For more information about Dance fo Autism Awareness fundraiser events please visit :

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164 Maggies Lane

(04) 3777 1581

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