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Why We Make a Difference to the Community

Ever wondered what it would be like to never get out of the house through no fault of your own other than the fact you are getting old.

To not have anyone to support you, for you to slowly lose your independence and have a growing sense of depression about a life that was once able to be lived to the full, with a strong sense of personal confidence and self-esteem.

South Port Day Links has been operating for 28 years and recognised back then that one of the greatest scourges of our society is social isolation.

The DayLinks Service provides a door to door community transport service to older residents. In 2015 we provided 14,600 trips to over 400 active clients.

The service provides access to medical and hospital appointments, shopping, social activities and visits to loved ones in aged care facilities. It empowers older people to remain active and a part of the community, able to stay living independently at home.

In 2015 we self-funded an expansion of the service south of Fitzroy St, into St Kilda, Elwood and Balaclava communities to service the remainder of the municipality, living our vision to keep people connected in our community.

Why We Are Collecting Funds

While South Port Day Links receives government funds to operate the service we receive no funding to upgrade our vehicles. We operate with the generous support of our volunteers and seek donations to upgrade our fleet.

We have been slowly upgrading our fleet to the Honda Odyssey People Movers as these vehicles provide improved access for our clients, allow greater efficiency in allowing more people to be transported and are easier for our volunteer drivers to drive.

Will My Donation Make a Difference?

Yes, our service operates at a local level, we are a small Not for Profit organisation and depend on our local community for their support. Your donation toward a vehicle is a practical way in which your donation provides ongoing support to residents in the local community.

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Level 1 Liardet Community Centre 154 Liardet St P.O. Box 199

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.