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Spectrum Space runs a variety of highly successful social groups for people on the spectrum aged 10 - 30. Our groups provide opportunities for social interaction, engagement and fun using a strengths-based approach. With a focus on the individual interests of participants, groups aim to create a space where people can come together, belong and be part of our community.

We’re looking to expand the reach of our social groups by opening social groups in more areas in metropolitan Perth. We’re run by a run by a volunteer Board and a small dedicated team of staff, so rely on your support to provide our services to more people on the spectrum and their families. We receive no ongoing Government support, and we cannot do it without your help.

Why we do what we do?

Individuals on the autism spectrum aged 10-30 years are at risk of isolation and mental health issues as they move from early intervention therapy and school-aged services to secondary school and beyond. This can be traumatic and debilitating. Our goal is to combat this through our transformative programs.

Spectrum Space’s approach is to ensure all participants are given the chance to develop their interests and abilities in an inclusive environment. Given that chance, individuals with autism have increased social engagement and opportunities to successfully connect with those around them.

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