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Stepping Out Program

Childhood sexual abuse and trauma


Stepping Out's purpose is to be a partner in trauma recovery and wellbeing. Our focus is on establishing and providing therapeutic support through the delivery of case management and case coordination services. Our practice is trauma informed and client centred, building on individual strengths.

Our Vision extends to every adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse being supported with services that are enduring and centred on thier journey.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 women have been sexually assulted as children and 1 in 7 men have also expeienced the same. We know that over 80% of women in prison have had experiences of childhood sexual trauma.

At Stepping Out we aim to provide adult survivors the rare opportunity to address the impacts of this traumatic life event. The impacts can unclude but are not limited to drug and alcohol abuse, sex work, domestic violence and homelessness.

How your contribution can help now

Stepping Out is a specialist service that understands the impacts, triggers and support necessary for survivors. Our knowledge extends to a group programs which extend into therapeutic groups, practical workshops and social engagement.

Our partnerships with skilled facilitators enables Stepping Out to deliver programs so essential for the recovery from trauma and rebuild their lives

We recognise the need to collaborate with exterenal support services to provide a holistic framework for trauma recovery

Contributions directly assist survivors and provides staff the resources they need to execute programs.

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