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Your contribution will assist us to continue:

  • Training other service providers who have contact with survivors of torture and other traumatic events
  • Work with client communities to improve their capacity to access the services they need and to enable them to support recovery
  • Developing resources to enhance the understanding of the needs of survivors
  • Working with State and Commonwealth Governments to ensure that relevant policies are sensitive to the needs of survivors
  • Contributing to research to enhance the understanding of the needs of survivors and the best possible way to meet them
  • Operating a Refugee Mental Health clinic
  • Assist unfunded Asylum Seekers and clients in immigration and community detention
  • Working with schools to help build connections between young students of refugee background and both their school and community
  • Working with international organisations towards the elimination of torture and trauma

STTARS is a member of the Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (FASSTT), a network of Australia’s eight specialist rehabilitation agencies that work to reduce the impact of torture and trauma on individuals, families and communities.
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