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Speaking Up For You Inc

Advocacy for people with disability - Human Rights

SUFY has been making a difference in the lives of people with disability in Brisbane for thirty years. We work with the most vulnerable people in our community to ensure that they are protected and defended against abuse and neglect and receive support to live a good life. We advocate for the protection of human rights for people with disability who have been forgotten, isolated or abandoned. SUFY provides strategies to people with disability, their families and allies to promote and defend people's human and legal rights.

Join hundreds of other Australians who support the vision of a socially just, accessible and inclusive community, in which the human rights, citizenship, contribution, potential and diversity of all people with disability are respected and celebrated.

  • To provide an advocacy service for people with disability that promotes, protects and defends their human and legal rights and interests.
  • To assist people with disability to overcome barriers, including abuse and neglect, that impact on their daily life and ability to participate in the community.
  • To help people with disability access the freedoms, services and conditions enjoyed by other members of the community.
  • Provide human rights information and advocacy services to people with disability and their families and allies, including information on how to advocate for themselves;

How your donation will be used:

  • You will have the knowledge that you are creating real and actual change for people with disability, working together towards and more just and accessible community.
  • You will be supporting advocacy for individuals through the reform of systemic issues which have a negative impact on people with disability and their associates, such advocating for the closure of institutions and the ending of violence and abuse against people with disability.
  • You will assist us engaging experts which would assist in our advocacy efforts to ensure a positive and sustainable outcome for the person we are advocating (e.g. independent OT assessment or Legal input)
  • You will assist the individuals we advocate for to tell their own stories at forums such as workshops and conferences in Qld and interstate. Often the individuals SUFY advocate for are unable to tell their story in such forums due to not having a voice, circumstances not allowing it or not being given the opportunity. But hearing from the people themselves who are directly affected is extremely powerful and compelling. A powerful tool used to create individual and systemic change.

SUFY is always grateful to receive donations to assist its work in promoting and protecting the rights of people who have a disability. SUFY is a non-profit organisation managed by a volunteer committee of management and has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient. Donations of $2 or more to SUFY are fully tax-deductible. Call us on 07 3255 1244 or email if you would like to donate.


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