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Sunrise Children Association's Inc. (SCAI) Earthquake Appeal

Please help us help the children and families who have lost their loved ones, homes, belongings in the huge earthquake that devastated Nepal on 25th April 2015

Thousands of families have been left without a safe place to live, without adequate temporary shelter, power or protection from the rain and mosquitoes.

SCAI is on the ground actively providing the following:
  • Immediate relief with tarpaulins, mosquito nets, long life water proof torches and some dry food to selected communities badly affected
  • Additional places in our Education Scholarship Programs in key affected areas, including family support such as emergency medical care and rebuilding of homes if needed
  • Assistance to badly affected schools so students can safely resume class
  • Temporary shelter/ transit facilities for displaced children during family tracing as needed
SCAI aims to provide children with a safe, loving, family environment where they have the opportunity to reach their full potential, free from discrimination, violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation and poverty. We do this through three core strategies:
      1.Prevention of separation of children from their families
      We provide Education Scholarship Programs to hundreds of children in their local communities who are at risk of being sold to traffickers, used for labour or simply sent by their families to so called 'orphanages' or other types of institutions in the hope of a better life and education.

      We also provide training programs for adults to develop their personal skills and become better educated, employable and earn a regular salary, also reducing the risk of children being used for labour or being sent away from their homes.
        2. Re-integrating children with their families
        We aim to re-connect children who may have been trafficked or willingly sent away by their families to so called 'orphanages' in Kathmandu with their families and, where possible, re-integrate them, and if needed place them under our one of our Education Scholarship Programs.
          3.Residential home care for orphaned or abandoned children
          Where children have been orphaned or abandoned and have no relatives that can care for them, as a very last resort we provide children with a safe, loving, home environment, a good education and a range of facilities and opportunities for their personal development at our residential child care home.

          We currently support the education of around 500 children who are living with their families through our Education Scholarship Programs, have trained over 650 adults in our Community Training Centres, have re-integrated 50% of children in our care and currently care for around 50 children at our residential child care home.

          SCAI is a not-for-profit, non-government charity registered in Australia and an International Non-Government Organisation (INGO) in Nepal. SCAI does not receive any government funding, and as such depends entirely on the generous donations of businesses and individuals. SCAI continually strives to keep operating and administration costs to a minimum, with all work in Australia being done by volunteers.

          How will the funds be used?

          Unless specified by the donor, funds will be used across any of our current projects:
          • Community Education Scholarship Programs
          • Re-integration Program
          • Residential Child Care Home - home to around 50 orphaned, abandoned and at risk children
          • Transition Home for Collage Youth - home to around 10 youth who have moved on from the main child care home, preparing them for an independent life
          • Community training and development programs
          Key Areas of Expenditure
          • Food, education, medical care, clothing, shelter, caregivers, various skill development and vocational training programs and general household needs at Sunrise's Residential Child Care Home.
          • Educational materials, including fees, tuition, uniforms, books, bags, shoes and all education materials for the underprivileged children in the community education scholarship programs.
          • Training and development programs for youth and adults.

          Contact Details

          6/84 Westbury St
          ST KILDA EAST VIC, 3183

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          Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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