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A family with two young daughters moves into a house. No furniture. No bedding. No warmth, with winter on the way. And, worst of all, despite Mary and Yeshe’s attempts to find work, to study, to feed their children, they had no income. Yet with the support of our donors, BMRSG was able to fill an empty house with essentials, and give the family a fresh start. Both parents are now working and supporting their daughters.

In 2019 we are supporting 80 households of people seeking asylum in Western Sydney who have similar stories, and this number is increasing.

Many of these people have been cut off from all Centrelink programs. We provide assistance with food, rent, schooling costs, dental care, finding employment and other essential needs. We also provide assistance with legal support for people applying for visas or facing deportations back to places where they are likely to experience persecution. 

It is only with the help of generous donors that we can continue our work.

Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group is run by volunteers. We come from all sides of politics and the group has no religious affiliation. Our visitors are in close contact with those in need and ensure that assistance is carefully targeted. We need to raise more than $80,000 each year to maintain our important and necessary commitments to refugees and asylum seekers. 


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