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Young carers are young people aged 12-25 years. They care for someone living with a disability, chronic illness, mental illness, alcohol or other drug related problem.  

On average, for two children in every Victorian classroom, childhood is far from being a fun and carefree experience. Most young carers are busy doing housework: cooking, cleaning, washing; dispensing medication; and helping maintain the personal care of people they support (toileting, showering, dressing). Other responsibilities include paying the bills, shopping and taking the people they care for to medical appointments. This can have a negative affect on their health and wellbeing and contribute to social isolation.

Many young carers struggle to maintain their schoolwork, friendships and interests. Without support they can experience poorer educational outcomes and are more likely to drop out of school due to caring commitments. Many young carers hesitate to seek help because they fear being taken away from their families.


What we do to help

Carers Victoria has been supporting young carers for more than 10 years through the provision of specialised programs, services and resources, such as: 

  • counselling and young carer support services
  • out of school activities and peer support groups
  • advocacy and representation at a school, community and government level
  • state-wide teacher education training, and
  • Carers Victoria's Young Carer Scholarships.  

Programs like the Young Carer Scholarships help young carers by providing life experiences they would otherwise miss out on, including school camps, sporting activities, music, art and culture. These experiences contribute to furthering their education, developing life skills and building support networks.


Why we are raising funds

Carers Victoria strives to create a better future for young carers. With your generous support we can continue to provide the vital support and services these young carers deserve.

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