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Tasmanian Bike Collective

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The Tasmanian Bike Collective creates places for young people to grow and develop their character and skills for life.

Your donations assist us to mentor and train young people who are struggling at school or work and really benefit from extra direction and support we can give.

We strongly believe each young person has the potential and ability to thrive in life given the right circumstances and support. We currently run 3 programs across southern Tasmania, working with and empowering over 50 young people every week.

We prioritise grassroots and collaborative approaches to our work and seek to establish our programs as long-term, place-based initiatives that become a part of the fabric of the local community.

Our vision is to create a network of Bike Collective’s all around the state to fulfil this mission.


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POBox 4632 Bathurst St


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A Link in the Chain
Small but regular donations create new opportunities.
Tools and Equipment
Helps cover the cost of tools, parts and equipment
Support a Volunteer
Help us train up and cover volunteer expenses
Sponsor a Student
Covers costs for 1 student to access our program per month
Sponsor a Program
Create a better future for a community of young people.

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