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Tashmadada General Appeal


A healthy arts sectore requries:

  • a nurturing environment;
  • a community to meet/collaborate with other artists;
  • ways to develop skills;
  • opportunities to engage and collaborate with international artists;
  • and a context to present work.

    This is everything that Tashmadada aims to provide.

    In its short history Tashmadada has made a big impression in the Australian cultural landscape by creating a range of opportunities for artists.

    Tashmadada has forged a reputation for bringing renowned international artists to Australia to lead masterclasses and collaborate with local arts practitioners.

    And......Tashmadada is growing ….

    Tashmadada relies on individual funding and donations - and a lot of passion - to realise each project.

    In order to continue providing these valuable opportunities, we need your support and generosity.

    Your individual support can help nurture a healthy Australian creative environment.

    How will the funds be used?

    In order for Tashmadada to continue providing these unique opportunities and for it to expand its artistic program we really need the help of our supporters.

    This support will go toward:

    1. the individual projects;
    2. The practitioners;
    3. building a strong infrastructure to assure the realisation of future and ongoing programs;
    4. creating environments to nurture the arts community.

    No contribution is ever too small.

    Please consider making a donation - it will make a difference.

    Every donated dollar has a tangible impact on Tashmadada's ability to realise its vision for the Australian Arts Community.

    We appreciate and value your support and will acknowledge your generous donation on our website (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

    For further details about Tashmadada, please see our website

    Key areas of expenditure

    • International masterclasses in Australia for Australian theatre and arts practitioners.
    • Performance events and festivals - to bring artists together and create opportunities to showcase their work;
    • Infrastructure for the organisation - eg website, administration costs etc

$8,987 raised so far

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.