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We are committed to targeted education and training programs to support the Vision and Mission of Thirsty Cow to rural and provincial Australians, with emphasis on supporting our regional and Indigenous Youth.

This will include such things as:

* specific skills and vocational training to support the wellness of our farmers and the wellbeing of their families
* preparation and support required by the volunteers through the provision of training to ensure safe and effective contributions
* vocational animal and farm education training programs for students 15 years and older in Animal Husbandry, Farm Animal Behaviour (Beef, Sheep & Dairy), Equine Studies and other identified needs including farm machinery, cropping and agricultural practice
* qualifying students will become certified Thirsty Cow Volunteers joining the Thirsty Cow register of qualified Volunteers on call to assist our farmers, should a natural disaster strike a farming community and urgent support is needed
* a commitment to providing educational and vocational direction by nurturing partnerships with farming groups.

Thirsty Cow students will have their skills and knowledge tracked and mapped to allow for national accreditation. Students will experience learning within a dynamic environment that includes ‘hands on' practical experience while providing active support to Thirsty Cow farming families.

Programs will be custom designed and built by our Team of highly experienced Educators and Industry Experts.


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