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Protect the environment

Total Environment Centre

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TEC has been campaigning for environment protection in the city and country, changing government policy, advising the community and challenging business - since 1972.

We have run over 100 successful campaigns protecting our forests, rivers, coasts and wetlands; promoting recycling and the use of green energy; new laws to reduce pollution and support community involvement in development decisions; expansion of public transport; and reducing the environmental footprint of the economy

How will the funds be used?

Since our formation in 1972, we have depended on donations to carry out our work. We are a lean organisation and don't spend a lot on administration and marketing - the vast majority of your donation is used for environmental campaigns in the city and country; research into urgent environmental problems and solutions; and helping the community, business and government adopt environmental sustainability.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Combating global warming;
Recycling of electronic waste, batteries and container deposits;
Saving rivers from coal mining;
  • Protecting our rare native grasslands and their threatened species;
  • Building the green economy; and
  • Ensuring the politicians hear the environmental message.

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, it will be issued by Total Environment Centre a little while after your donation.

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