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Tenants Union of NSW

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Two million people rent in New South Wales. And they need someone on their side!

The Tenants' Union of NSW has been defending renters' rights for over 40 years. We have achieved major improvements in tenancy law. But there is more to do.

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 What We Do

  • Inform and educate renters. 
  • Advocate for reform of laws and policies affecting tenants.  
  • Conduct public interest litigation.
  • Support a network of Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Services (TAAS) throughout NSW. 
  • Train Tenant Advocates.
  • Support residents of land lease communities (residential parks). 


Current campaign

When a renter's fixed term agreement ends they can:

  • Be evicted at any time without being given a reason.
  • Have their rent increased at any time by any amount.

We are currently campaigning to Make Renting Fair


 New projects

  • Developing an Aboriginal renting policy in collaboration with the TU's Aboriginal Advisory Committee and Aboriginal Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services
  • Tenant education, awareness and resources during the transfer of management of public housing tenancies to community housing providers.


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