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Tenants Queensland Inc

Support Renters' Rights

Tenants Queensland (formerly Tenants' Union of Queensland) aims to protect and improve rights of all those who rent their homes. Ongoing housing shortages have increased rental stress across cities and regions and have re-enforced the tenant/landlord power imbalance. Tenants from the elderly to the young and those less able to protect their rights can feel threatened by intimidating processes and potential homelessness.

In 2010 a Queensland father fell through a deck whilst holding his new born baby after months of the landlord refusing to act on maintenance requests. If he had stopped paying the considerable rent, his family could have been evicted. You can be a part of encouraging the right to a safe and properly maintained home.

We are at risk of creating a 2nd class of citizen for those who choose to or have little choice but to rent their home. Join us in keeping this vital service which goes to the heart of the "Fair Go for All" approach. Everyone deserves support for their right to quiet enjoyment of a place to call home. An average two bedroom flat in Brisbane now costs over $20,000 per year and tenants deserve at the least, some respectful service for this outlay.

Tenants Queensland is a highly skilled and specialist community legal service and also a registered charity. A small monthly commitment from each Queensland tenant would secure permanent and formidable advocacy on behalf of those renting their homes.

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Level 1, 87 Wickham Terrace

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