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Tender Funerals Australia

Tender Funerals Australia

$8,086 raised so far

$8,086 raised so far

Tender Funerals Australia was established as a not-for-profit to support and resource the establishment of Tender Funerals services around Australia.

Donations to Tender Funerals Australia help us provide vital start-up, operational and capacity-building support to Tender Funerals services. With your help, we can help more communities start a not-for-profit Tender Funerals service, providing more affordable funerals to more families and changing the culture around death and dying - one funeral at a time.

Tender Funerals services are:

  • Not-for-profit social enterprises. All surplus generated by Tender Funerals services goes towards their mission of providing meaningful and affordable funerals.
  • Community led. Tender Funerals services are owned and operated by their local community. 
  • Dedicated to providing meaningful and affordable funerals. It is core to our mission to ensure that everyone can afford a Tender funeral so we offer a concession rate through our Benevolent Fund to families in financial hardship. And we empower people to choose the funeral that's right for them and to participate in the process as much as they like, because we know how important this is to support healthy bereavement.  

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