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Ten Lives Laundry Blues Appeal


Right now at Ten Lives our kitties have the laundry blues. As part of our building project, we need to raise $15,000 to complete essential works in our laundry which cleans thousands of blankets and beds to keep our kitties warm and safe over winter.

When a kitty is adopted or discharged from our hospital, all their bedding and blankets need to be thoroughly washed and disinfected. You can imagine that our washing pile, affectionately named 'Mount Washmore', stacks up very quickly!

Your generous donation will assist us with essential works in our laundry and also the purchasing of a new industrial dryer to keep our kitties warm and safe this winter.

Did you know? A standard domestic washing machine or dryer can take an 8kg load. Industrial washing machines and dryers are specialised equipment that can take 35kg loads, disinfect to a veterinary grade level, and can handle as much cat hair as we can throw at them!

Our washing machine at the centre takes a 35kg load. Somedays, to get all those blankets and beds dry in time is an unachievable task.

An industrial size problem like this requires an industrial size solution. With help now from people just like you we will be able to upgrade our laundry and buy the specialised equipment needed to perform this essential task.

We need your help. Please, give now.

The next stage of our building project is our intensive care unit, which is dependent on the works in the laundry being completed.


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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.