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Stories are powerful.

They engage, inspire and give voice. Stories give value and help us belong.

Whilst our ageing population grows, admission to a nursing home can be experienced as a time of great loss, loneliness, isolation, grief and depression.

The Opportunity

While many residents struggle to adapt to the physical changes in ageing, illness and end of life, they have something uniquely valuable to contribute - their own unique life stories. Many in our community are deeply interested in hearing and celebrating these stories.

Beyond Words

Beyond Words is a not-for-profit initiative helping residents in aged care facilities to tell, write and publish their life stories.

We do this by recruiting, training and supporting volunteer biographers - members of the community who share a passion and interest for life stories and people.

Beyond Words enables the life stories of older persons to be known, affirmed, valued and celebrated.

What you can do

We completed our pilot project in 2013 and have been expanding our program throughout the Melbourne metropolitan and need funds continue our work so more can benefit:

  • To provide professional training, support and supervision to volunteer biographers
  • For publishing, printing and binding of personal life stories

We welcome all donations in support of our program.

 Beyond Words is an initiative of The Biography Program ABN 12 153 358 313

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