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'Nothing’s broken.  It’s just on a path back to being fixed.'
Pete Owens, Bower Workshops Manager

Donate today to our 'Nothing's broken' Education Fundraising Appeal.

The main aim of our education and workshop program is to give people the inspiration along with a few simple skills, and a few simple tools to help instil that revolutionary idea: ‘nothing’s broken and nothing’s junk’. 

And once that mindset is established, we start to see the everyday objects and materials around us in a new light.   We see the possibilities of repair and re-use in creating vibrant circular economies and tackling our waste and environmental crisis.

Of course, some objects have a much more winding and rocky path back to usefulness than others. Where an object can’t easily be fixed to fulfil its original purpose, then it can be transformed into something else with an entirely new purpose. And that’s when the fun and creativity really begins!  

Donate today to expand our covidsafe program of live and online workshops, courses and repair cafes which change the way we see the world.

In 2021, with your help, we will continue to grow our ‘covid normal’ education program. 

That includes our series of online and (covid safe, social distanced) face-to-face program covering areas such as simple electrical repairs of household goods, bike maintenance and repair, clothing repair, furniture upholstery, tool maintenance , 'women's shed', school education program and much more.  

Your donation will help our education program to continue and grow over the next 12 months, to transform our attitudes to ‘junk’ and provide practical solutions to building a better, more sustainable society.  

Bower workshops are open to community members from all backgrounds.  Often participants start off feeling disconnected from their ability to make and fearful due to their lack of technical skills. By the end they are empowered by their new found skills and resources and see a world of possibility ahead of them.  

A world where nothing is broken...


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