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Bower Reuse and Repair Centres

Help Bower help those most in need during the pandemic


‘Bower Reuse and Repair Centres in Marrickville has become a much loved institution for residents seeking secondhand bargains and a place where those in need are given free furniture and items to start new lives.’ Daily Telegraph, Nov 21, 2018

'Thanks Bower for coming to my rescue with a fridge when I was in mandatory self isolation. You guys rock!'  Facebook comment April 2020

'Bower helped me with furniture when I was in urgent need after I was made homeless.  They a great service to people in need.  If you can support them it helps people like me and my carer.  THANK YOU BOWER.'  Maxine

Make a tax deductible donation today to help Bower raise $26,000 (stretch goal!) by midnight, June 30th to help those most in need in these difficult times, while fighting for better, healthier environmental outcomes and a more sustainable way of life.

RepairWorks Online  - free weekly live repair sessions and one to one online consultations accessible to all in the community, no matter what your existing level of knowledge or confidence in repair. We cover everything from tool sharpening to soldering, to electrical fault finding to how to use wood glue correctly - ushering in a new era of repair and reuse culture!

Free tool borrowing library - our new online tool borrowing library is making expensive power tools (and therefore repair) accessible to all.

Our 'Right to Repair' campaign continues to grow and put pressure on Australian Government for your onsumer right to repair your electrical and other items, supported and enforced by laws and policy.

Our ‘House to Home‘ program works with emergency housing and support agencies to help homeless people, domestic violence survivors and refugee children and their families to transition smoothly from temporary accommodation to a fully furnished home - at no cost.

For every $1,000 we receive in donations, Bower Reuse and Repair Centres can help a person or family in need to furnish an entire home including dining setting, lounge, bed and fridge.

Our ‘Home-keeper’ program helps others who have been hard hit in these traumatic times, through loss of job or income - by providing free household goods and essential repairs. 


With the continuing economic and social dislocation caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the essential services that Bower provides are needed more than ever.  Demand for our services have increased and more people are looking to Bower for help than ever before – for free or inexpensive essential household goods, hardware, electricals, bikes for exercise and more…  for free collection of household goods... for repair help and guidance ... for hardware, tools and skills.

Please help Bower to remain open and help those most in need during these uncerrtain times - including families and individuals suffering from lost jobs and income, homeless, refugees and domestic violence survivors. 

While generous government support is being offered for a short period, many people are still slipping through the cracks. ABS data indicates close to a million people have suddenly lost their job in recent months, many more have had hours and pay rates reduced, and incomes drastically slashed.

The pressure this has placed on families is enormous, with the pandemic triggering a new wave of homelessness, mental illness and domestic abuse.

With your support, Bower Reuse and Repair Centres can continue to provide quality secondhand household items, furniture , electrical goods and other essentials at a fraction of the normal cost.  

And for families and individuals in most desperate need, Bower will provide a household of essential items – including dining setting, lounge, bed, fridge… at no cost.

Your tax deductible donation will also help fund Bower's investment in new free online reuse and repair workshops and one to one expert repair advice, our free tool library, and our increased investment in health and safety. These important investments help ensure Bower and its resources are accessible to all no matter what the circumstances.

Please help Bower Reuse and Repair Centres to help those who need it most during this national emergency.  Please give today.

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