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Do you live in a high risk bushfire prone area of victoria

Well if you do, every year you face the high possibility of a bushfire in your area and the high possibility that your home could be damaged or even destroyed by a Bushfire and you need to be prepared and so does your home and property.

The Bushfire Foundation has a goal of helping you to do this by setting up and providing a team of dedicated volunteers too your home to help you by providing the following Services



Designed to offer assistance to home owners to improve their home, surrounding buildings and any other assets by Conducting bushfire preparedness activities that will assist with fire proofing and preparedness of homes from bushfire by completing the below tasks:

  • Clearing of gutters
  • Raking up/removal of leaves
  • Moving logs and dead trees away from property area
  • Clearing around gates and property access points
  • Making access points big enough for Fire Appliances to enter
  • Fit water tanks with correct fittings, for those who can not
  • Source the appropriate fire protection Equipment and deliver and set up if Required
  • Check and inspect Firefighting pumps to ensure they are working properly and correctly
  • Check water tanks and water supplies on properties for access
  • Reducing or eliminating the risks and hazards associated with Bushfires and living in high risk, rural urban interface bushfire prone areas.
  • Undertaking and completing major and minor community projects and programs in Victoria that will strengthen and improve the resilience and effects of a bushfire in the community
  • Removing dead trees or vegetation from an area of bush or forest close to a residential area


By providing grants to home owners to support and assist their bushfire preparedness works to allow them to be able to either buy new or buy extra items and equipment such as:

  1. Water Tanks
  2. Fire Pumps and Hoses
  3. Sprinklers Systems
  4. General Fire Protection
  5. Lawn Mowers
  6. Chain Saws


Designed to offer assistance to home owners to improve their recovery capabilities and ability to better manage the rebuilding processes after a bushfire related emergency by Conducting a bushfire recovery program that will that will help to reduce the effects of a bushfire event through undertaking activities such as, (but is certainly not limited to):

  • Undertaking and completing major and minor projects and programs in Victoria Helping to clean and tidy properties are fire has passed
  • Cleaning, Clearing and Tidying Public Areas
  • Possible re-planting areas of importance
  • Check Tanks and water supplies and refill or flush out and re-fill
  • Help properties owners to return to the area
  • Repair shelters and public Recreation Areas
  • Assist properties owner with some maintenance of their homes and surrounding properties, through conducting repairs to fences, gates, access areas such as driveways or road ways to their properties
  • assist with salvage of personnel items from destroyed or partially destroyed homes
  • Help and assist with securing the property if needed
  • Demolition/removal of unsafe or dangerous buildings and structures such as sheds and carports
  • re-establishing the natural habitats of native animals in public spaces.
  • re-establishing native bush and plant species on the land
  • eradicating non-native bush and plant species from the land which are noxious and/or create an environment that is hostile to the re-establishment of native bush and plant species after a bushfire event

Creating worthwhile long term Partnerships that will:

  1. Assisting Fire Services such as the CFA and DELWP and any other agencies with clearing of roads and areas to allow residents to move back into the area and return to their homes as soon as possible.
  2. Removing burnt dead trees or vegetation from an area of bush or forest close to a residential area to help with safety.
  3. Rebuild vital community areas such as shelters and parks to allow the community to have a place to meet and held fundraising events to help rebuild.


By providing grants to home owners to support and assist in bushfire recovery to be able to restore essential living needs for people who have suffered the loss of their homes due to bushfires for purchasing things such as:


  • Money for temporary accommodation to people who have suffered the loss of their homes due to bushfires
  • Purchasing replacement water tanks
  • Purchasing replacement fire pumps and hoses
  • Purchasing replacement fencing or Building materials
  • Purchasing replacement Animal feed
  • Anything that may assist the home owner to quickly restore their properties after the fire

But in order to do this we need your help to buy the equipment we need to provide these vital bushfire preparedness and recovery programs in our community, so every dollar is important to us as it could save your home from being damaged in a bushfire.

Please "DIG DEEP" and "DONATE TODAY" to THE BUSHFIIRE FOUNDATION to help us to help you prepare your homes and properties from Bushfire.

If you wish to know more about these programs or wish to be involved as a volunteer please contact us at to express your interest.

alternatively visit our website at

Thank you for generous and potential ongoing support to these vital programs

The Bushfire Foundation Team

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