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The Code 9 Foundation

The Code 9 Foundation


Emergency service workers such as police officers, firefighters and paramedics put their lives on the line to protect the public every day while never asking for anything in return. Many are left traumatised, with officers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety. Now it's time to step up and give something back to a community of emergency service workers who need our care and support. 

The Code 9 Foundation, a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission, provides peer to peer mental health support for emergency service members and ESTA “000” operators. Isolation and loneliness are factors that can inhibit recovery for people with PTSD. Code 9 works to prevent members from feeling alone, as well as encouraging healthy living through improved diet, reducing alcohol consumption, increased physical exercise, practicing mindfulness and making good life choices when under stress.

Founding member Mr Thomas was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety in 2013 after attending his triggering incident in 2003. After feeling intensely alone during a stint in hospital, Mr Thomas established the group in June 2015 to ensure no other officer was ever left behind. The Code 9 Foundation was launched in June 2018 into a fully-fledged charity. We are working to raise funds to sponsor assistance dogs for emergency service workers and ESTA operators who need them most and to provide other charitable support to the workers and their families.

Assistance dogs aid their owners in a multitude of ways, and the benefits of providing an assistance dog to someone living with PTSD are immeasurable. With each dog taking 18 months to train at a cost of $35,000, Code 9 needs your help to train more dogs for more people. An experience like going to the shopping centre, attending sporting events, or going anywhere with a crowd of people is a simple task for many people, but a challenge for those with a diagnosis of PTSD. An assistance dog helps their owner to remain calm and collected, providing support and improving overall mental health. To see one of these dogs in action is incredible. The constant companionship these amazing dogs provide sufferers, allows the individual the freedom, security, laughter and quality of life which was previously not possible. The Code 9 Foundation is committed to sponsoring as many of these dogs as possible. 

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