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The Culture Project, a movement of young Australians standing up for a restored culture. We’re a Catholic missionary organisation of young people operating here in Sydney since the end of 2014 encouraging our generation to embrace lives of virtue and create together a culture of authentic love.

After one of our presentations last year a girl came up to our speakers and asked for a hug and a photo. ‘I want to remember you guys’, she said, ‘I really needed to hear that today’. Later, we looked at the feedback forms and saw hers, where she’d written, after just one encounter and one presentation: “now I know my life is worth living”.

Her story is just one of the thousands of members of my generation. Having tried what our culture offers us when it comes to love, and found it wanting, we’re rising up for the dignity of every single human being and starting conversations about who we are and what we’re made for - real love that wills the good of the other.

This is the fourth year of The Culture Project. Every year we encounter more than 15,000 young people across Australia, in schools, youth groups and on the streets. In our ministry have seen lives changed and saved through our work. Young people have journeyed with us as they have discovered their worth, quit addictions and chosen to embrace life from the brink of despair. We are volunteers and full-time missionaries and do not get a wage, all support goes directly to bringing this essential messages to our young people.  

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