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The Girls & Boys Brigade

Delivering Food Essentials During COVID-19


Imagine not knowing how you were going to feed your family? 

Many families within our community are facing that dilemma right now. Lisa, mum to Jeremy and Lucy, has gone days without food just so she can feed her kids. She recently lost her job from the fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic and has found herself with mounting bills and no income.

Lisa shared with our team, “After I pay rent and electricity, I’m left with hardly any money to buy food”.

As we feel the shift of life returning to normal, the financial impacts of COVID-19 on families like Lisa’s will continue for a long time.

While The Girls & Boys Brigade remains closed to families during this time, we are working hard to help local families through this crisis by providing critical initiatives like contactless delivery of pantry staples, household essentials, and home-cooked healthy dinners. We don’t normally ask for help to feed the families we serve, but we have adapted our services in response to this serious need. 

Right now, while families in our community are desperately trying to navigate their way through a future of uncertainty, they need the basic essentials. 

Mothers like Lisa will go hungry if we don’t help. They need your support today to ensure that doesn’t happen. $20 will help provide a family meal for one night and $50 will provide a basic food box for one family.

As a local community, we band together so well to help one another. Please urgently help us get the basics to families in desperate need, it won’t happen without your help.

With an urgent gift today, you can help provide a meal to a local family and ensure that no child in our community goes hungry.

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