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Why should you support MindShift and our Preventative Mental Health Campaigns?  

Some Background First 

When looking to promote preventative mental health, the question has always been, ‘How to reach everyone?’ At MindShift we always want to be as direct as possible in our outreach to the general public, and so in our research, we looked at places which promote healthcare, wellbeing, and enable everyone to take action and put treatment plans in place.

The local GP surgery was our answer. We believe the conversation on preventative mental health is likely to start by capturing people when they come to their doctor about any concern. Through cultivated programming on waiting room televisions, individuals are likely to view the MindShift campaigns which encourages asking their GP about how they can better manage their mental health.

Why the GP waiting room?

While in GP waiting rooms people are already thinking about their physical and mental health issues as they wait, on average, 35 minutes to see their GP. Television is a highly engaging medium with a unique capability to tell a story. We know that over 70%* of people in the waiting room engage with Tonic Media’s Health TV channel, and that 22%* of the waiting room audience will ask questions to their GP about media they have seen.

Our Campaigns

A waiting room TV campaign in conjunction with free brochures to enable and encourage individuals to be proactive in the management of their own mental health by taking the first step and asking their GP for the appropriate help. 

How many people do we expect to directly benefit from our campaigns?

Currently our MindShift brochure is picked up by 7,500* Australians every month from GP waiting rooms. Our planned 60 second community service announcement we will greatly increase the reach of our message to over 4.5 million* people a month.

Who benefits from the MindShift campaign?  

In short, we all do, 1 in 4 Australians will suffer from some form of mental health issue in their lifetime, and of course many more are directly impacted. We aim to ensure that we are all able to recognise and seek help. 

By collaborating with GPs, we will reach a wide-ranging demographic of the population, with all awareness-raising efforts encouraging individuals to take the first step and ask for help, or to at least access the MindShift website to download information and resources on preventative mental health.   

Your donation matters

Your donation will help us reach approximately 4.5 million* people across Australia every month with our extremely important campaigns that help individuals in recognising the signs and in creating preventative mental health strategies.

* (reference Tonic Health Media 2019)



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