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The MindShift Foundation

Let's change lives with preventative mental health

Let us tell you a little bit more about The MindShift Foundation and how you can make a difference to people’s lives by helping us continue carrying out our work in preventative mental health.

So, how did MindShift start? 

Eight years ago, The MindShift Foundation founder and CEO, Elizabeth Venzin, noticed the rate of mental health in Australia was rising, despite everyone seemingly living better lives than ever (thank you social media) and there being more mental health charities than ever before. Through her own research and experience, Elizabeth found low self-worth to be one of the main precursors to worsening mental health and thought if she could change that, then she could help reduce the rate of mental health in Australia.  

With that, in 2012 The MindShift Foundation was founded – with the aim that it would be a charity that would make a difference.

To make the difference it needed to, The MindShift Foundation focussed its attention on Preventative Mental Health, which meant finding the potential environmental causes and seeing what can be done to mitigate their impact.

What do MindShift do to help?

Mental health affects people from every demographic and we’re dedicated to reaching as many as possible through our preventative mental health initiatives.

Awareness Brochures 

We have over 200,000 brochures in GPs waiting rooms across the country and are the most read brochure, according to Tonic Media.

Youth Education 

We believe early intervention and education are paramount in preventing mental health. Our Self-Worth Teachers Toolkit is a course for students in year 7 & 8 that helps students take control of their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing with the long-term goal of reducing the risk of poor mental health later in life.

Book – MindShift To A Better Place 

In February 2020 we launched a book, MindShift To A Better Place, that acts as a guide to creating lasting change, self-worth and positive mental health. All proceeds made from the book are being reinvested into The MindShift Foundation so we can continue helping people live happy, positive and fulfilling lives.

How can you help? 

The MindShift Foundation is a registered Australian charity and can only do the important preventative mental health work we need to with donations. Your donation will help our dedicated team continue creating and improving our preventative mental health strategies that help change peoples lives.

If you’re unable to make a financial donation, we would greatly appreciate if you could help spread our message, so that we can all do our bit to create a more positive future.



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