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The Reconnect Project

The Reconnect Project

$10,654 raised of $15,000 goal
$10,654 raised of $15,000 goal

We're running low on supplies for fixing up donated devices. Can you help?

A $30 donation buys two sets of charging accessories to go out with two refurbished phones. For $100 we can put a new screen and battery into an older-model donated phone and get it fully working. And if you donate $200, we'll bring an old laptop back to life and help get someone re-engaged in online study.

Australia has a significant divide in digital inclusion, the measure at which a person can access, afford and have the digital ability to connect and use online technologies effectively. Higher income households have almost double the digital inclusion rate of lower income households. People with low levels of education and employment are significantly less digitally included, as are Indigenous Australians and people in rural communities. Whilst national access to the internet has increased (with the NBN), affordability reduces access as lower income households and disadvantaged Australians are unable to purchase the equipment required for digital inclusion. Meanwhile, Australia's e-waste is growing 3 times faster than other waste streams, due to consumer demand for 'new' products and the rapid updating of technology.

The Reconnect Project aims to close the digital divide and provide a solution to the e-waste of mobile devices. Individuals, groups and businesses benefit with knowing that their preloved devices will be securely erased, repaired, and go to a good home, alleviating them of the concern about how to dispose of unwanted technology. Recipients of the refurbished devices benefit as they are provided with access to technology that they otherwise could not obtain, giving them the means to connect with people - friends, family, essential services. The Reconnect Project works with support agencies including women’s shelters, refugee services, and youth outreach programs, who advise on the best resources suited to their clients. We then source and provide the right technology to them, saving them time and financial outlay which can instead be directed into their essential support programs and services.

Our aim is to provide a device every single day to a person in need. In our first 12 months we distributed 301 devices through a network of 26 caseworker organisations. Help us achieve even more and let's get people digitally (re)connected with family, friends and essential services.


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