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Communities@Work's Sustainable Food Rescue collects food that would otherwise go to waste from licensed food businesses and retail outlets. Food rescued by Communities@Work is utilised in our Community Pantries and also provided to a broad range of other agencies including domestic violence refuges, disability support services, homeless shelters, mental health support groups, agencies supporting people with drug, alcohol or gambling problems, refugee programs, school breakfast programs, and other programs assisting those who have financial difficulties.  

Communities@Work's food programs receive no ongoing ACT or Australian Government funding and rely on strong corporate and community support through sponsorships, philanthropic grants, fundraising and donations. 

Where your donation goes

Each donation - no matter what size - assists us in keeping our Community Pantries stocked, ensuring that Canberra's most vulnerable and disadvantaged have access to nutritious food. 

A story from one of our charities

However, the biggest joy for us is the ability to take high quality, fresh food that is usually beyond the budget of many people, as a gift to households. Food helps break down barriers. When people do not have to ask for assistance, but have a friend show up with a box of fruit, vegetables, sweets, sandwiches and bread, I have found that it has helped them develop self-worth (often they are amazed that they are worthy of a gift without obligations or form filling). With tight budgets, being able to put special treats on the table brightens their lives. We have also found that people in crisis often appreciate a filling, hot meal, and now with the help of The Yellow Van, we can also give them food to take away with them. Finally, the friendly and enthusiastic staff of Communities@Work delight us all here at St. Benedict's. They consistently make us smile, they are respectful of our guests, and make a huge difference to all our lives here."

-Coordinator, St. Benedict's Community Day Centre

$16,724 raised so far

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.