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Think+DO Tank Foundation Social Impact Fund

Think+DO Tank Foundation was founded in September 2013 to produce participatory and creative public projects with social impact.

We connect high-calibre creative artists with pressing social questions, asking them to inquire into those questions and experiment, alongside local people, with possible responses and solutions.

Our vision is of proud, creative, vibrant and connected communities that draw on the skills of local people to achieve shared community goals. The Think+DO Tank Foundation's work contributes to realising that vision in the communities with whom we engage.

Think+DO Tank Foundation takes deep expertise in social policy; an understanding of needs built at "eye-level" with communities; and the power of the arts, to enable the people in the communities where we work to strengthen their connections, and become agents in their own lives. We are human connection in action. We are creativity with purpose.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.