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The Toowoomba Hospice is a 6 bed private health care facility with the vision of providing professional palliative and respite care based on mutual respect, trust and individual needs. It is our mission to provide quality care in partnership with the community for those with a terminal illness, since opening on the 1st of July 2003 to December 2018 we have cared and offered support for over 1,300 clients, their family and friends at no cost to the Client whether they have private health or not.

Our service is delivered by qualified nursing staff who are complimented by a wonderful cohort of volunteers. Our volunteers provide support to the staff in the areas of administration, preparation of client meals, flowers arranging, maintenance, gardening and housekeeping.

To maintain this level of support for those with a terminal illness we need to partnership with the community to fund our operating budget of $1.76 million dollars) Queensland Health continues to support our services generously however we still need to fund approximately 70% of our operating budget each and every year. This amount comes from the generosity of the general public, community groups, businesses and companies who have an interest in supporting organisations who offer palliative care.

Our Core Values are:

  • To offer quality palliative and respite care
  • To deliver multi-disciplinary, holistic care
  • To engage and foster the services of staff and volunteers
  • To acknowledge and enhance community support
  • To provide a centre of excellence in palliative care
  • To facilitate education in palliative care for those who seek it
  • To offer bereavement support to clients, families and friends
  • To ensure service excellence through the development and implementation of policies and procedures.

We ask that you please support our Hospice Project by making a donation which is fully tax deductable ($2.00 or more)

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