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Toy Libraries Australia

Support the toy library and give children a brighter future

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Toy libraries have the best toys, but we need your help to buy more and keep the toy library running. Your donation will help your local volunteer-run toy library keep kids excited about learning through play. 

  • $30 has kids imagining they're flying to the moon on Rocket Ricky
  • $50 funds 2 hours of staffing by Early Childhood professionals so that you and other local families can get advice to support learning and play
  • $100 pays for an annual membership for a local family in need
  • $500 has kids zooming down the hall on a rollercoaster  
  • $1000 buys a collection of toys that up to 400 families will enjoy each year 

What is a toy library?

At a toy library families can borrow a vast array of well-made educational toys.

But toy libraries are about so much more than toys, it’s about relationships inspired by play. It’s about relationships built among toy librarians, parents, caregivers, and volunteers working together to create a nurturing and playful community for all children to grow. Toy libraries are about potential and opportunity.

Toy libraries:

  • Provide quality educational toys for a very low membership fee
  • Reduce the environmental impact of toys
  • Create a community where you can meet other caregivers to share experiences and make new friends
  • Help parents and carers learn about the ages and stages of child development

Watch the video below to hear more from parents and kids about why they love their toy library.

Expenditure of donations will be determined by the local toy library based on their community's needs. 

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Victoria Park Community Centre, Corner of Lulie and Abbot Streets

Are donations tax deductible?


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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