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Since 2012 Transcend Australia has connected hundreds of families to medical, legal and educational support services and parent/carer communities around Australia. In this time, there has been an increased awareness and improved understanding of the needs of trans, gender diverse and non-binary people. Service systems are improving and there is a greater acceptance and celebration of TGDNB people. But there is still a long way to go and Transcend Australia is determined that TGDNB children, their families and carers are embraced and given every opportunity to thrive and flourish. Transcend Australia’s purpose is to support, affirm and celebrate the lives of trans and gender diverse and non binary (TGDNB) children and their families and carers. We aim to help young TGDNB lives flourish by providing opportunities for:

• peer and family support,

• the development and dissemination of information and resources, and

• advocating for change to services and systems

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