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TransFolk of WA

Pay-it-Forward Binder Program


Many trans masculine, gender diverseand non-binary people use tight topscalled ‘binders’ to help flatten their chestand make them feel more comfortablein their body. Wearing a binder can be a source ofgender euphoria; helping folks feel confident, at home and authentic.

Binders are an essential item for many trans, gender diverse and non-binary people – but many folks can’t afford them and end up using unsafe binding methods.

You can help us change this. Donate to our ‘Pay it Forward Binder Program’.

TransFolk of WA has started a Pay-it-Forward Binder Program, which seeks togive free binders to trans, gender diverse,and non-binary folk in WA who otherwisecould not afford one. The binders are paid for by donations.

ALL* of the donations received to our Binder Program go directly towards supplying folks in need with binders. Your donation helps pay for binders and shipping.
(*minus any online platform fees from GiveNow)

Thank you for supporting this program and helping trans and gender diverse people feel more at home in their bodies!

Help TransFolk of WA to reach their goal of $10,000

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.