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Hotham Mission

Hotham Mission

Hotham Mission is a faith based non-profit organisation providing targeted and compassionate support. Our programs are delivered through strength based, community collaboration by working with disadvantaged local people in and around the North Melbourne area.

This year we expanded our Homework Club from once a week for Grade 3-6 to twice a week, to now also include Grade 1-2. We expanded our Homework Club, as all kids, particularly Grade 1-2 were really impacted by the Covid-19 educational closures/restrictions. This program aims to improve students’ literacy, numeracy and social skills. Both Homework Clubs now have some 30 regular students, supported by almost 20 enrolled volunteers.

In addition, Hotham Mission provides:

·        Providing around 1500 hours + of study support to disadvantaged primary school children, per year;

·        around 90 food bags per week to struggling local households, to provide essential food relief;

·        electronic devices and educational materials to around 50 disadvantaged secondary students per year;

·        assisted 4 young refugees/asylum seekers move into post-secondary education;

·        we run and support 5 meals based programs at schools and other organisations;

·        our weekly young womens’ program, assisting those living in or with a connection to the local area;

·        the above programs help local people living in public housing to engage with and adjust to society; and 

·        provide around 4700 bed-nights a year for refugees/asylum seekers living lawfully in the community.


Your donation helps us do more and meet the needs of the local community.

100 percent of all donations go directly to our programs. You may choose to make a general donation or select a specific program to support. You may like to make a one-off donation or consider making a monthly donation to support our programs.

Please select from one or more of the options below:

  • General Donation
  • Food Programs
  • Homework Club
  • Youth Education Support
  • Asylum Seeker Support Programs
  • Strengthening Community Partnerships
  • Annual Hotham Mission Christmas Food Appeal

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