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The University High School Scholarship Fund

Your gift to the University High School Scholarship Fund will enable us to provide financial assistance to students. University High School is proud of the diversity and achievements of its students. With a school population of over 1,000 students, we know that at least 20% would benefit from a scholarship. Scholarships meet the costs of educational resources such as computers, books, musical instruments and sporting equipment. A scholarship provides much more than material assistance. It provides the gift of encouragement. We have highly motivated students who cannot reach their potential without your support. You can help us to award more than 200 needs and merit based scholarships.

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We are very grateful for your support and will promptly acknowledge your generosity and provide you with a receipt. Gifts of $2 or more to either the University High School Scholarship Fund are tax deductible and are registered with the ATO as Deductible Gift Recipient 1.

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.